2021 Eventful NonEvent (Autumn Celebration)

“Life takes us to unexpected places…Love brings us home.”

George Mark Children’s House presents a reprise of our Eventful NonEvent

We so hoped that this year life would find us gathered in our beautiful new restorative garden, Hummingbird Hill, for our annual Autumn Celebration. Au Contraire! With the well-being of our fragile children always the most important consideration, we are postponing the camaraderie and warm company of friends until it feels safer to be together.

Your donation is always crucial to support the exceptional care we provide for our vulnerable patients and their families. In the absence of our traditional Autumn Celebration, we hope that you will consider supporting our fall fundraising efforts. Thanks to the generous contributions of several donors, we have collected a $125,000 matching gift challenge…so every dollar you donate will be matched up to $125,000.


All gifts to this year’s NonEvent will be fully tax deductible.

Special Thanks to our Matching Gift Challenge Donors:

  • Diane and Bob Butler
  • Sue and Jay Dunton
  • Diane Dupont and Mike Foreman
  • Patt and Al Shaw George