A Day in the Life of our Child Life Superstar

In celebration of Child Life Month, we followed Kyle Amsler, the Child Life Specialist at George Mark Children’s House, as she orchestrated a day filled with fun, excitement, and a full dose of compassion. 

As soon as she arrives, her day begins with a brief review of in-house patients, greeting each with a warm smile and enthusiasm for the day’s full slate of activities.

After a quick stop in her office to prepare for the day ahead, including checking emails and organizing schedules, Kyle dives into a key organizational meeting. Without skipping a beat, she transitions to interacting with volunteers, patients, and families during horticulture therapy and art therapy.

Amidst her packed schedule, Kyle ensures that a special cancer respite care patient’s birthday is celebrated in style. With meticulous attention to detail, she orchestrates a party, involving George Mark staff, the patient’s school teachers, coach, and care teams from hospitals.

From decorating to coordinating activities and food, Kyle is at the forefront, ensuring every aspect is perfect for the birthday celebration, one that the family will never ever forget.

While a 12-hour day is few and far between, a day filled with balls artfully juggled in the air is par for the course for Kyle. In her role, she spearheads, steers, and manages all Child Life programs at George Mark. 

From visits by therapy dogs to the gentle presence of miniature horses courtesy of the Sonrise Foundation, every interaction is carefully curated to uplift our patients.

Art therapy, provided by the compassionate team at Kids & Art, allows patients to express themselves creatively. Horticulture therapy connects children with the healing power of nature, while music therapy and other musical activities offer solace and a channel for expression.

She is the driving force behind the programs that make each day extraordinary for those under our care. 

Kyle also recognizes the importance of supporting siblings who may feel overlooked amidst the medical journey of their brother or sister. She serves as a reliable source of support, through sibling activations, offering guidance and comfort to ensure that every child feels seen and valued.

Kyle’s impact extends beyond the daily buzzing and humming of the House. Family events are a hallmark of George Mark, and Kyle ensures that each occasion is infused with love, laughter, and cherished memories. From Star Wars Day to our summer Family Picnic, and fall’s Pumpkin Day, these events offer respite and a sense of community for both patients and their families.

We are proud and lucky to call Kyle one of our own. Her dedication, compassion, and tireless efforts complement our care teams seamlessly, truly enriching the lives of those we serve at George Mark Children’s House. 

Through her rock-solid dedication and tireless efforts, Kyle embodies the spirit of Child Life Month, bringing joy and comfort to all those she touches.