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“George Mark Children’s House was our refuge at a tumultuous time.”

Shekinah and Peter
Lars’s parents

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Staying with Us

Our House looks and feels like a home. It is situated on five beautiful acres in San Leandro, California. We have a welcoming living room, eight themed bedrooms (for example, the “OK Corral”); daybeds in each room for a caregiver, parent, sibling or friend to stay; and almost all rooms open directly to the garden. Medical equipment is discreetly tucked behind sliding panels and brought out when needed. We also have two family suites for extended stays.

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Splish Splash

Hydrotherapy Spa

Spending time in our heated and accessible spa is a wonderful way for children to increase relaxation, reduce discomfort, improve sleep and provide a unique opportunity for family bonding.

Great Vibes

Sensory Room

A special room where a child’s senses are stimulated by soothing sounds, interesting light effects, tactile experiences, vibration and gentle movement. These effects help a child relax and explore.

Great Room

Living Room

Our large living room with comfortable seating is a wonderful place to read, relax, play the piano, work on a puzzle, visit with friends and family, and enjoy the beautiful view of our gardens.

Ruth’s Cafe


Children, families, staff and guests are all welcome to gather together and share a homemade meal in our family-style kitchen. Our talented chef provides three hot and delicious meals every day!

The Hub

Game Room

This room has something for everyone—books, board games, puzzles, blocks, a foosball table, a pool table and a play area for toddlers and younger children. Friends and family can also watch TV, play video games and enjoy a movie.

Colorful Creations

Art Room

Our art room is a creative space for children, siblings and parents alike. Markers, crayons, paint, stickers, clay and other craft materials are available for children and their families to express themselves, create memories or just have fun.

Goodnight Moon themed children's bedroom

Children’s Bedrooms

We have eight children’s bedrooms, each with their own theme—for example, Sea Breeze, Good Night Moon and Jungle Safari. Rooms are designed to support the needs of George Mark children, and they all have a daybed where a relative or friend can stay. Nearly all have access to our gardens.

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Outside Space and Gardens

Located on five lusciously landscaped acres, George Mark Children’s House is surrounded by rolling hills, lush greenery and ample room to enjoy the outdoors. We have lawns, a play structure, an outdoor eating area and pathways to explore. The beautiful Northern California weather makes being outside a possibility almost year round.


Our non-denominational freestanding sanctuary provides a private and peaceful space for thought and reflection as well as a lovely venue for celebrations of life.

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Fun at the House

We want to mirror the home environment as much as possible—helping children be children, and families be families. Every day, we have small events that help to bring joy into a family’s life.

Throughout the year, we have many special events such as art and gardening projects, movie nights, and play activities on our lawn.

pumpkin day chef

Once a family stays with us, they are always part of our George Mark family, and they are welcome to join us for activities at the House such as Family Picnic and Pumpkin Day. Many families come back for years to honor their children and the time they spent with us.


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