Our Care Team

Kathy Nicholson Hull, Psy.D, M.A.
Founder, President of the Board

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Joan Fisher, MD, Ph.D.
Medical Director

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Salina Patel, RN, BSN
Director of Nursing and Compliance Manager

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Antoinette Mincey, RN
Assistant Director of Nursing

Kyle Amsler, MS, CCLS
Child Life Coordinator

Kathy Chong-Lee, RN
Admissions Case Manager

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Amanda Hendrick

Amanda Hedrick
Social Worker

TJ Nelson, RN
Palliative Aquatic Specialist

Nancy Ricci, RN
Palliative Aquatic Specialist

Our Staff

Linda Ashcraft Hudak, JD
Chief Executive Officer

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Shannon Beatty
Physician Liaison

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Theresa Cruz
Financial Analyst

Mark Giosso
Building Engineer

Ken Sommer
Director of Advancement

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Alice Burton

Alice Burton
Grant Writer / Communications

Barbara Sardella
Dietary Director

Katie Peña
Volunteer Coordinator

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Katrina Criado
Human Resources Specialist

Our Board of Directors


Barry Slivinsky
President, Tax, Adobe

Lindsey Frase
Executive Vice President, Willis Re

Shawna Kovacs
Secretary, Director, Talent Management / Fitbit, Inc.

William Gisvold
Treasurer, Tax Partner, Sensiba San Filippo

Audrey Foster-Barber, MD, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Neurology and Pediatrics, Palliative Care Faculty, UCSF

Kathy Nicholson Hull, Psy.D, M.A.
George Mark Children’s House Founder and Staff Psychologist

Madeline Buty Curliano, JD
Advisor, Founding Partner, Buty & Curliano

Michael Brown
Director, Real Estate Syndicated Finance, Wells Fargo

Michelle Berolzheimer

Mike Frazier
President and CEO, Bedell Frazier Investment Counselling, LLP

Reggie Cooks
Media Relations, Santa Clara County Sheriff