Choosing Children’s Bereavement Centers

Children’s bereavement support refers to the assistance given to family members during the time of grief of a loved one. Bereavement, grief, and loss can affect people in many ways and cause different symptoms. It is important to know that there is no right or wrong way to feel and it is important to seek support from those willing and able to help.

What is a bereavement center?

A children’s bereavement center offers that exact ongoing support that is needed following the death of a child. This is a place where families come to work through their loss by being around other families going through the same. These centers also offer support from professionals trained to work with the host of different emotions like sadness, anger, guilt, and regret. The goals of a children’s bereavement center is to help you make sense of this confusing time and adapt to life without your loved one.

Who should use bereavement centers?

If you or a loved one have just suffered the loss of a child, these child bereavement centers are for you. Maybe you are not sure if you need to reach out or not. These are some symptoms you or a loved one may be feeling that could mean you are ready to seek some support:

  • Tiredness or exhaustion
  • Struggling to cope with stress, anxiety, or a low mood
  • Shock and numbness
  • Anger towards someone else or yourself
  • Guilt about something you could have done

If you are feeling or witnessing any of these symptoms or a combination of them, there is a good chance that a child bereavement center could be beneficial.

The Benefits of Bereavement care

It can be hard to reach out for help, especially during these times where you can’t seem to grasp the loss. Bereavement care centers are available without time constraints so whenever you are ready to receive support, it will be waiting to help you cope with the grief. We know each situation is different which is why our bereavement care can be administered in-person, by phone, through workshops, or online support groups.

There are a number of benefits associated with bereavement care centers. Here are some reasons why you should consider this kind of care for you or your loved ones:

Learn coping skills:

Bereavement care can help you grow your mental strength through one of the most challenging times of your life.

Express feelings and emotions:

Whether the loss you experienced was years ago or yesterday, this kind of care can help you work through trauma and have a safe space to express emotions.

Understand how grief works and how to process it:

Not everyone knows how to process grief. That is why professionals in a bereavement care center are equipped with the tools and knowledge to teach others how to process.

Deal with ongoing difficult symptoms:

There is no time schedule for when these symptoms will go away. Again, bereavement care has no time constraints and will help through the ongoing process.

Remember your loved one in a healthy way:

You don’t want to forget about your loved one but it is also important to learn how to live on while also remembering your loved one in a healthy way. George Mark Children’s House keeps the memories of loved ones alive in many different ways like our memorial fountain and services for remembrance. Grief is multifaceted, and requires different approaches. We see that, and support families through their grief journey.

At George Mark Children’s House, we know that dealing with a loved one growing ill and losing their life is not an easy or straight path. We know that grief is a lifetime process. Emotions can have a way of resurfacing in foreseeable and unforeseeable ways. For those moments, whether it has been 20 days or 20 years after the death, we are here to support families through our bereavement events, individual counseling, group counseling, and spiritual support.