b'THE CENTER OF EXCELLENCE INPEDIATRIC PALLIATIVE CARELiFe ArOuNd tHe HoUsEGeorge Mark Childrens Housewww.georgemark.orgVolume 21Spring/Summer 2023NeW PrOgRaM:With open arms, we22, was diagnosed with a brain tumor welcomed her backwhen she was just thirteen years old. Her CaNcEr CaRe ReSpItE this Spring for amom, Crystal, has been her sole caregiver, second respite visit,with only a few breaks and with no real this time for a wholeoutside support. Crystal, a single mom, A HaPpY BrEaK FoRweek. Deyzha was the rst oncology patient tobalances caring for Deyzha with parenting DeYzHa (AnD MoM) stay at the House as part of a new George Markher two younger children, all while working Cancer Care Program. full-time.It has been a tough challenge Deyzha stayed at George Mark for the veryfor her and a long journey. rst-time last Fall.Our caring nursesThis new initiative was made possible thanks made her feel at ease right away, and sheto a group of compassionate funders andDeyzha, through it all, is resilient and open loved meeting our volunteer pet therapygenerous support from our community.Theirto new adventures. Her joyful personality, team, Liz and her Rhodesian Ridgeback,assistance allows us to provide tailored respitelove of dancing and music, shines through.Dayo.She felt so much at home, shecare specic to young oncology patients andAt George Mark, Deyzha loves trying new asked if she could come back to visit. at no-cost to their families.Deyzha, now agethings, including art activities; sing-alongs (continued next page)'