Portraits of Healing

George Mark Children’s House is pleased to offer families a portrait of their child through our Portraits of Healing program. We are privileged to work with the talented portrait artist, Bill Small. Bill volunteers his time and skill to compose drawings as a gift to parents and families. Families will receive a portrait matted to fit a 14 x 18 frame, as well as digital copies of the completed piece.

Turning Grief into Remembrance

If you’re interested in a portrait, please contact our Social Worker, Amanda Hedrick, MSW, LCSW, at ahedrick@georgemark.org. You will be asked to sign a consent and email one to three of photos of your child for artistic reference. This opportunity is available to all George Mark families who have not yet received a portrait.

“I do portraits of lost loved ones to help their families turn negative feelings of grief into positive feelings of remembrance.”

Bill Small