By Ricky Resurreccion, George Mark Marketing & Events Coordinator

The COVID-19 pandemic brought about unprecedented challenges for families, especially those with children facing serious illnesses. During this time, George Mark Children’s House stood as a pillar of strength.

As the world slowly emerged from the grips of the pandemic, we slowly made strides to reconnect, heal, and celebrate the resilience of George Mark families.  Families eased carefully back to the House by the end of 2020 with our annual Walk of Remembrance.  2021 saw a slow and responsible return to more live activities.   

Last year, we reintroduced the  West Coast PEDPC Summit, propelling us forward with numerous impactful events. In fact in the past year, we hosted numerous in-person engagements, big and small, totaling over a dozen events.

Reuniting in Joy:
After months of physical distancing and isolation, the significance of in-person events cannot be overstated. These gatherings offer a chance for patients, families, staff, and volunteers to reconnect on a deeper level.  They become a source of inspiration and encouragement.  They foster a sense of belonging and remind everyone that they are part of one unique community.

Creating Lasting Memories:
George Mark events create lasting memories for patients, families, and staff, fostering precious opportunities for connection and joy. From themed events such as Star Wars Day, outdoor picnics, celebrating personal milestones, giving-back activities, to an all-nurses get-away — each event is thoughtfully designed to cater to the unique needs and interests of the families. By partaking in enjoyable activities, they can briefly escape medical care stress and indulge in moments of joy and togetherness.

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Bye Dr. Fisher GMCH Events
Dr. Joan Fisher's Send-off Lunch | 06.28.23
Eliassen Friendrasing Event GMCH Events Shekinah Eliassen
Eliassen's Friendrasing Event | 05.07.23
Corporate Volunteer Work Day 2023 GMCH Events
Corporate Volunteer Work Day | 04.27.23
Remembrance Day 2022 GMCH Events
Remembrance Day | 12.11.22
GMCHFamily Picnic GMCH Events
GMCH Family Picnic | 06.03.23
George Mark Children's House Star Wars Day May the 4th 2023 Mandalorian R2-D2
May the 4th Star Wars Day | 05.04.23
Horticulture Wellness Activity GMCH Events
Horticulture Wellness Day | 04.25.23
Garden Parties 2023 GMCH Events
Hummingbird Hill Garden Party #3 | 10.02.22
Slice House San Francisco Giants host George Mark Families GMCH Events
Slice House / SF Giants Host GMCH | 06.02.23
CHG Spring Gala 2023 GMCH Events
GMCH at the CHG Spring Gala | 04.29.23
Heart & Hope Builders Launch GMCH Events
Heart & Hope Builders Launch | 03.26.22
Garden Parties 2023 GMCH Events
Hummingbird Hill Garden Party #2 | 10.01.22
Charlie's 24th Birthday GMCH Events
Charlie's 24th Birthday Bash | 05.13.23
Nurses Day SF Getaway GMCH Events
Nurses' Day SF Getaway | 05.01.23
Care Package Project for Tiny Homes GMCH Events
Tiny Homes Care Package | 12.15.22
Garden Parties 2023 GMCH Events
Hummingbird Hill Garden Party #1 | 09.24.22

Support and Empowerment:
Beyond the surface-level enjoyment, events serve as platforms for support — Families can connect with others who have gone through similar experiences, offering a safe space for sharing their emotions, challenges, and triumphs.  These connections remind everyone that they are not alone in their journey.

Events like our annual Autumn Celebration fundraiser, Friendraisers, Corporate Volunteer Day, or The Children Health Guild’s Spring Gala serve as powerful vehicles for individuals and groups to connect with our work on a deeper level. These gatherings inspire people to make lasting impact through donations or meaningful support in various forms.

Looking Ahead:
As we move forward in a post-pandemic world, George Mark Children’s House remains committed to providing a nurturing environment that extends beyond compassionate palliative care. The events organized for patients and families will continue to serve as a cornerstone, fostering a sense of community, joy, and support.

Consequently, these events become beacons of hope, reminding everyone that they are not alone on their journey, and that joy and support can be found amidst the toughest of circumstances.