Meet Andrew

Andrew, Registered NurseAs a pediatric palliative care nurse, Andrew provides comfort, supports family members, and helps manage young patients’ symptoms:

I knew I wanted to be a palliative care nurse after a life-changing event. Before I started nursing school, my aunt was dying of cancer and her symptoms were poorly managed. I saw how vulnerable she was and was heartbroken and devastated by her treatment. I realized that health care could be more compassionate, and so I decided to become a nurse.

When I visited George Mark as a job candidate, I saw the garden and the aquatic therapy pool and these features resonated with my view that every ill child deserves a nurturing experience. The palliative approach isn’t to try and fix anyone. We learn from our patients and are constantly humbled by them. We want our patients to have their best lives possible.

We cared for a patient last year at the end of his life. After he was admitted, his parents were hesitant to approve of two pain medications. I talked with them for an hour, listening to their concerns, and educating them about how a small amount of medication could help their son breath more comfortably. I am grateful that we were able to help our patient’s family provide a more comfortable, peaceful time for their son at the end of his life.

Our whole clinical team works together. I’m responsible as the RN, but I’m constantly helped by our CNA’s, psychosocial team, chef, and volunteers. We all pull together to create a harmonious supportive environment, and the children and teens feel this and are happier too.

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