The Hummingbird Hill Garden Parties Were a Huge Success!

George Mark wrapped up its largest fundraising event of the year.


The Hummingbird Hill Fall Garden Parties were a lovely gathering and a tremendous success.

After two long years, we had the opportunity to bring dear friends of George Mark together in three evenings of great food, fine refreshment, entertainment, and a genuine sense of community.  It was a celebration of the compassionate care that is life-changing for our patients and families.

The Garden Parties truly felt like a joyful homecoming

Equally important, we raised $300,000, exceeding our fundraising goal — all these came from the many heart-warming contributions made to the Garden Parties: from ticket purchases, to sponsorships, to contributions of materials and services.

They were a fun three days at George Mark and we are so thrilled to share photos of the events, please select one or more of the links below:

Link to SEPTEMBER 24 photos

Link to OCTOBER 1 photos

Link to OCTOBER 2 photos


To our many supporters, thank you for all that you do to help George Mark live our mission to make every day each child’s best while at the House.